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Develop a community to share information and best practices of Action Learning (AL).

AL Forum - a regular meeting for members to share information and best practices.
Online Community - an open field to share ideas and information in the web.
AL Journal - periodical publication to share study result, information and best practices.
AL Contest - a conference to encourage and share new ideas, study and practices.
Organize training programs to develop AL coach and consultant, and establish certification process.

Develop and run AL Coach programs
Develop and run AL Consultant programs
Develop certification process
Provide AL consulting services for organization to introduce and apply AL.

Introduce AL and provide consulting services
Provide experienced consultants and coaches
Conduct R&D to develop AL model to fit into Korean environment, and seek various application of AL to education programs and schools.

Develop AL model for Korean environment
Study application of AL to education programs and schools
Cooperate with other academic societies
Develop and run leadership programs for youths
Coordinate with AL institutes in other countries and introduce AL related programs

Work with institutes in other countries to share AL research results and information.
Introduce AL related overseas programs to Korea
Develop and run a leadership program applying AL